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Mobile Learning

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As cell phones have become commonplace and increasingly functional, mobile learning offers a compelling alternative to traditional classroom and other e-learning.

Created Date 10.22.22
Last Updated 10.24.22
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Topics of this game:
  • Location for mobile learning
  • Mobile learning can include voice, graphics, and ____________ based instruction.
  • Communication from the instructor to the student can be instant, synchronous, and ______________ during mobile learning.
  • Mobile learning means less ___________.
  • Mobile learning can utilize _____________ assessments.
  • Mobile devices can enable simultaneous, ____________ group work.
  • Mobile devices are capable of automatic ______________ of instructions.
  • Mobile devices are more __________ than textbooks or PCs.
  • Mobile learning can be used as a '_________‘ to re-engage disaffected youth.
  • Challenges of mobile learning: accessibility and cost barrier.
  • Challenges of mobile learning: connectivity and _________ life.
  • Challenges of mobile learning: screen and key _______.
  • Challenges of mobile learning: __________ screen sizes, standards, and operating systems.
  • Challenge of mobile learning: limited ___________.
  • Challenge of mobile learning: risk of sudden _____________.
  • Mobile devices are capable of increasing the ____________ of the learning process.