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Discovering the Capabilities of the Language Model ChatGPT

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Discover ChatGPT's abilities and potential uses in this quiz. Test your knowledge on primary uses, unique abilities, and uncommon use cases. 15 multiple choice questions in first person directly from Chat GPT. Learn more about language models and their applications.

Created Date 01.19.23
Last Updated 01.19.23
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Topics of this game:
  • What is one of the primary uses for a language model like me?
  • What is GPT-3?
  • What is one of the main differences between GPT-2 and GPT-3?
  • Can I understand context and respond appropriately?
  • Can I complete tasks such as language translation?
  • Can I answer questions about specific topics?
  • Can I generate new content such as article or story?
  • Can I understand and respond to multiple languages?
  • Can I understand and respond to text in images or videos?
  • Can I generate code?
  • Can I be used to generate creative and unique product names?
  • Can I assist in creating chatbot conversations?
  • Can I be used to generate legal documents such as contracts or agreements?
  • Can I be used to generate song lyrics or poetry?
  • Can I be used to generate captions for images and videos?