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Customer Portal: Online Edits

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Flashback Funday

Created Date 04.21.20
Last Updated 04.21.20
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Topics of this game:
  • The EATR screen:
  • The TRN2 screen allows you to do what?
  • This screen displays a full list of forms for one employee with a file number error:
  • This screen displays a list of all file numbers in error, with a brief description of the error:
  • What online edit screen are you on when you have accepted the payroll?
  • What does ECOR stand for?
  • This screen displays all activities that are currently in error by service associate code:
  • The BNKE screen allows you to:
  • This screen allows you to view/edit paydata information (hours, earnings, temporary department) entered for an EE for a specific payroll activity:
  • Which Online Edit screen do you access to determine the total number of errors for the company code?
  • Which Type of Relation is on an employee level?