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Data Challenges

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Establishing a National Consortium for Data Science

Created Date 09.25.20
Last Updated 09.28.20
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Topics of this game:
  • There are four dimensions of data science challenges
  • The dimensions of data science challenges are:
  • There are twelve sub dimensions in data science challenges
  • The sub dimensions of Data Flow are : collection, storage, preservation and movement
  • This dimension of data science concerns factors intrinsic to the nature of data itself.
  • concerns manipulating and recording data flow. Adding context and making data reusable and discoverable
  • processes transform data into forms such as statistical summaries, reports, and graphics that describe the data
  • volume, velocity, and variety present problems along all three dimensions of data science challenges.
  • Three main components that will be critical to the success of the NCDS are :
  • National ____________ for Data Science
  • is the systematic study of digital data using scientific techniques of observation, theory development, systematic analysis, hypothesis testing, and rigorous validation
  • is classified as data that exceeds the capacity of traditional systems.
  • Challenges arise from the amount of data that must be processed.