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Linux Commands: file contents

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Linux shortcuts and commands

Created Date 06.30.19
Last Updated 07.08.19
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Topics of this game:
  • One way to display a file contents?
  • what command is for move to beginning of the text file?
  • what command to scroll forward one half of a screen?
  • what command is for open File.txt?
  • what is command to move 5 line in a text file?
  • what is the command to retype one of the existing lines in text file?
  • what is the command to find all contents of this location
  • command to Find files that are created after January 1,2018 ?
  • which key combination will send an EOF to the running process ending the cat command
  • ......... will allow you to see the contents of the file page by page
  • In Command mode Typing --- will do forward search for string
  • In vi, which option will let you do block visual selection.
  • replace all old with new throughout file with confirmations
  • The _____ command is used to concatenate several files into one
  • Use cat to create a file named tailing.txt that contains the contents of tailing.txt followed by the contents of /etc/passwd.
  • Display the last line of /etc/passwd.
  • -------- go to extended command mode for tasks.
  • --------- has efficient, coordinated keystrokes for advanced editing tasks.
  • ---------- search in a backward direction
  • --------- replace foo with bar on all lines
  • ------------- is replaced by the current file name being processed everywhere it occurs in the arguments to the command