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The Internet: DNS, IP Addresses, Packets & Routing

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The Internet: DNS, IP Addresses, Packets & Routing

Created Date 01.27.22
Last Updated 01.28.22
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Topics of this game:
  • When you connect to the internet and request a song, it is sent to you on a direct, dedicated line
  • The two designers of the Internet's protocols and architecture in the 1970's.
  • Information travels across the internet in
  • A packet traveling across the Internet always follows the same route.
  • A photo you send across the Internet might be so large it would be broken into 1000's of packets to be sent across the Internet.
  • Special computers on the internet called ______ keep packets moving across the internet toward their destination.
  • A router has to keep track of each piece of data and choose the "cheapest" path. This means
  • As part of the Internet Protocol every router keeps track of
  • Having multiple paths means a network can keep sending packets even if something goes horribly wrong. This is known as
  • This protocol manages the sending and receiving of all of your data as packets. It checks to see that all packets have been delivered.
  • When a technology can work with 8 or 8 billion devices it is said to be?
  • The Internet becomes more reliable as you add more routers because of its built in redundancy and fault tolerance?