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How do networks work?

Created Date 11.30.23
Last Updated 12.05.23
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Topics of this game:
  • Data is broken down and travels through the Internet in the form of ________ .
  • The purpose of a computer network is to
  • The first version of the Internet was the ARPAnet for the Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency. This was created in _______.
  • The type of network that covers the globe, such as the Internet is a _____
  • Every device in a network, including printers, desktop computers, laptop computers, cell phones, tablets, etc., is called a ________
  • Every node in a network has an _____________ to correctly send and receive data.
  • The hardware device that translates digital signals to analog signals, so they can travel over telephone lines and cables is the __________.
  • The hardware device in a network that reads IP addresses, directs packets, and manages traffic is the __________.
  • IP in IP address stands for
  • The Transmission Control Protocol handles which function in a network