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Intro to Network - Data link Layer

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Created Date 02.13.24
Last Updated 02.13.24
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Topics of this game:
  • What is another name for the OSI data link layer?
  • Which organization defines standards for the network access layer (the OSI physical and data link layers?)
  • Identifies the physical connections and how end devices and intermediary devices are interconnected.
  • Refers to the way a network transfers frames from one node to the next.
  • What kind of network would use point-to-point, hub and spoke, or mesh topologies?
  • Which LAN topology is a hybrid topology?
  • What does the data link layer add to a Layer 3 packet to create a frame? (Choose two.)
  • What identifier is used at the data link layer to uniquely identify an Ethernet device?
  • Which data link layer media access control method does Ethernet use with legacy Ethernet hubs?
  • Includes a trailer used to detect transmission errors.
  • allows the sending and receiving of data to happen simultaneously.
  • all nodes are operating in half-duplex, competing for the use of the medium.
  • the arrangement, or the relationship, of the network devices and the interconnections between them.
  • can have two or more end devices attempting to access the network simultaneously.
  • a device that can receive, create, store, or forward data along a communications path.
  • the NIC and other hardware that is responsible for sending and receiving data on the wired or wireless LAN/MAN
  • encapsulate the packet into the appropriate frame.
  • is responsible for controlling the transfer of frames across the media.
  • define open standards and protocols that apply to the network access layer - the physical and data link layers
  • The media access control method used depends on which two criteria?
  • Which duplex communication method is used in WLANs?
  • Which of the following are data link layer protocols? (Choose three)
  • What are the two sublayers of the OSI model data link layer?
  • Which physical topology requires that every node is attached to every other node on the network?