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IT: CompTIA A+ Review

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This game helps you review for the CompTIA A+ test

Created Date 04.16.19
Last Updated 04.16.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What device in the computer system does all the processing of information obtained from various input devices?
  • What PC component is referred to as primary storage and loses its content when power is removed?
  • Where are the instructions to start the computer system stored?
  • What type of firmware supports the new Secure Boot option which guarantees the integrity of the startup files?
  • What device is described as a mini computer in your pocket running a mobile operating system?
  • Which PC component provides data communications for all other internal and external components?
  • A data pathway in a computer system is referred to as what?
  • Which component modifies AC voltage into DC voltage?
  • What are the three voltages provided by the power supply in most systems?
  • How many pins are contained in the SATA data cable?
  • How many devices are supported by the USB 3.0 standard?
  • What is the voltage provided by the USB standard?
  • What type of port is traditionally used for mice and keyboards?
  • What is the cable limit for the USB 2.0 standard?
  • What is the cable length limitation for Ethernet network cables?
  • What category of UTP is most commonly used and provides the ability to achieve 1Gbps transfer speeds?
  • Which type of network cabling uses optical pulses of light instead of electrical signals?
  • What is the primary protocol that is used on the internet and LANs today?
  • Which network service is responsible for resolving user friendly names to numerical IP addresses?
  • Which network service is used to assign IP addresses to clients that are attempting to connect to the network?
  • Which laptop component is the most likely to need replacing?
  • What can be used to ensure long battery life in a portable computer?
  • What are the small areas used to store data entering and leaving the CPU called?
  • What is the latest standard for RAM that operates at bandwidths up to 12,800 Mbps?
  • The Computing Technology Industry Association