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Networking Basics

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Networking basics

Created Date 09.23.19
Last Updated 09.24.19
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Topics of this game:
  • A computer performs 3 basic tasks. Which one of these is a basic task?
  • Software that provides an interface between the OS and computer hardware
  • A small network, limited to a single collection of machines and linked by interconnecting devices in a small geographical area
  • A collection of wires on a motherboard that carries data from one place to another on the motherboard
  • A computer's main processing unit.
  • What is another name for working storage?
  • How many bits in a nibble?
  • A hard disk drive contains round magnetic disks known as what
  • What is the second step in the boot process?
  • The 4th layer in the senders network communication protocol is:
  • Allows limited and controlled access to internal resources by outside users
  • Computers transfer information across networks in short bursts of how many bytes of data
  • The process of adding IP addresses and MAC addresses to chunks of data is known as
  • This responds to requests for network resources from client software
  • computer or network software that requests network data