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EIGRP Millionaire

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A game to test your knowledge about Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)

Created Date 12.20.15
Last Updated 12.21.15
Viewed 67 Times
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Topics of this game:
  • Which EIGRP packet type is used to establish a neighbor relationship?
  • In the command "router eigrp 28", what does the value 28 represent?
  • What is the default administrative distance for an EIGRP internal route?
  • What type of routing protocol is EIGRP considered to be?
  • What is the use of PDMs?
  • What protocol does EIGRP use to send routing messages?
  • What is the default Hello interval for EIGRP links with bandwidth greater than 1.544 Mbps?
  • What should the Hold time be for EIGRP?
  • Which of the following is NOT a measurement EIGRP can use to compute its metric?
  • What is the feature of EIGRP that is responsible for determining the best loop-free paths?
  • What is a successor?
  • What is the FD?
  • True or False: All alternate paths are valid backup paths for EIGRP
  • A router's FD to a network is 322390. A neighbor has a path to the same network and sends it reported distance to the router. Which of the following RDs will result in the neighbor being a feasible successor?
  • A router running EIGRP for IPv4 has a router ID of If EIGRP is enabled for IPv6 on the same router, what will be the router ID for IPv6?