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WAN Baseball

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A game to test your knowledge about WANs.

Created Date 02.10.16
Last Updated 02.11.16
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Topics of this game:
  • What is one disadvantage of using the public Internet as a WAN service?
  • What technology is used to secure communications over a public Internet connection?
  • What is a disadvantage to using leased lines for a WAN?
  • What type of medium does SONET use?
  • What is the term for denoting the place in a WAN connection where the responsibility for maintenance changes from ISP to subscriber?
  • What device is required when using a leased line for a WAN connection?
  • What is a requirement for a connectionless, packet-switched network?
  • Which WAN solution can provide connectivity to remote sites where no regular WAN services are available?
  • What is the term for the physical connection from the customer site to the service provider POP?
  • Which of the following is NOT true regarding site-to-site VPNs?