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OSPF Millionaire

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A game to test your knowledge about OSPF and link-state protocols.

Created Date 03.07.16
Last Updated 03.08.16
Viewed 70 Times
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Topics of this game:
  • By default how long is the Dead interval?
  • What will happen if a router does not receive a Hello packet from a neighbor before the Dead interval expires?
  • Which is a function of Hello packets?
  • Which of the OSPF packets contains various types of link-state advertisements?
  • Which of the following is a purpose of the router ID?
  • What is the first criterion used to determine the router ID of a router?
  • Which wildcard mask would be used for the /24 network?
  • Which wildcard mask would be used for the /30 network?
  • In the command "router ospf 50" what does the number represent?
  • In which of the following situations will an election of a DR and BDR occur?
  • What does OSPF use as a metric?
  • What effect will the command "auto-cost reference-bandwidth 1000" have on OSPF operation?
  • Assuming default settings, how is the DR chosen?
  • What is a DROTHER?
  • When are OSPF link-state updates sent?