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Hang Privacy Game

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This is a one-player game. The players have to answer the phrase and letter about privacy. If not, the grim reapers will appear.

Created Date 07.01.20
Last Updated 07.07.20
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Topics of this game:
  • someone who steal our personal information to gain money.
  • cookies which contain data about the users visits is send to the users by the website./ issues of privacy
  • someone who breaks into our computer that stores all of our personal information.
  • state of being private
  • one of the importance of privacy
  • one of the technology that allow location tracking
  • easy to read the information on this chip and copy it to another chip.
  • children privacy risk : the children will receive email, chat or message that make them feel embarrassed,depressed or afraid
  • the process of transforming information to make it unreadable to anyone is called?
  • privacy issue: use VPN to hide our IP address and making it harder for cybercriminals to steal our information