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ICS quiz

Created Date 03.30.21
Last Updated 03.30.21
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Topics of this game:
  • It can be a software program or a hardware device that filters all data packets coming through the internet, a network, etc. it is known as the_______:
  • Which of the following categories is not used to describe authentication methods?
  • A person who uses his or her expertise to gain access to other people’s computers to get information illegally or do damage is a
  • Music and picture files (jpg, bmp, avi, mp3, mp4, etc.) that do NOT contain a hidden extension can still execute malicious code on the computer?
  • Numbers/names that show up on Caller ID displays can be easily forged.
  • Spam causes emails to be victims of tons and tons of junk mail. With that said, that is spam through email. How are there other ways spam can give tons and tons of junk?
  • Which of the following would be the best password?
  • Encryption techniques improve a network's
  • Which of the following refers to stealing one's idea or invention of others and using it for their own benefits?
  • AES uses a ____________ bit block size and a key size of __________ bits.
  • Like DES, AES also uses Feistel Structure.
  • RSA is also a stream cipher like Merkel-Hellman.
  • Which of the following usually observe each activity on the internet of the victim, gather all information in the background, and send it to someone else?
  • Hackers usually used the computer virus for ______ purpose.
  • DES follows-