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Ocean 6

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You answer to win or You lose to answer

Created Date 06.05.21
Last Updated 06.07.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Which action can help reduce online risk?
  • What is a wireless router security best practice that limits access to only specific internal hosts?
  • An employee is using a coffee shop Wi-Fi hotspot to access corporate email. What action can the employee take to reduce the security risk of using a hotspot?
  • How can a virtual assistant be a security risk?
  • What is a goal of performing a risk assessment?
  • Why would an IT person use Zabad search?
  • How are USB flash drives a security risk?
  • What is a open public wireless network?
  • Who collect data for nefarious reasons?
  • What two areas of data center physical security?
  • A secure encrypted tunnel
  • Wireless network name that should be changed.
  • What should contain mix of letters, numbers, and special characters?
  • What allows only approved devices onto the wireless network?