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IoT Quiz

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Test your IoT knowledge.

Created Date 04.05.22
Last Updated 04.05.22
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Topics of this game:
  • Information that can identify, contact, or locate a specific individual.
  • Who collects data for unethical purposes?
  • They test system and device security.
  • What are the two areas of physical data centre security?
  • What should you use if you wanted to access the internet over a public hotspot?
  • Social Security number, email address, and birth date are examples of:
  • Wireless Network Name
  • Only allows approved devices onto the wireless network
  • Valuation of Assets and justification of expenditures
  • Algorithm for wireless network security
  • Who should you share your passwords with?
  • A strong password should contain:
  • Best way to manage multiple strong passwords
  • Open Public Wireless Network
  • Fire alarms, UPS systems, and HVAC systems are examples of: