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Cyber Security Awareness Review

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eLearning Unit 2 Review

Created Date 03.12.19
Last Updated 03.13.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What type of information should you never share online?
  • What is it called when your personal info is stolen and used for criminal activity?
  • Identity thieves can "re-create" someone's identity and produce false documents.
  • Which of the following is NOT personal information
  • Which of the following is NOT personal information?
  • Personality tests are great ways for criminals to get information from you.
  • Most legitimate businesses will not ask you for personal information.
  • What is it called when criminals send you emails to trick you into giving personal info?
  • Teenagers are too young to have their identity stolen.
  • Being a victim of identity theft can ruin your financial future.
  • Users should use a different password for every account you have online.
  • Do not use number or letter sequences when creating a password.
  • What is an attempt to trick someone called?
  • Scammers copy logos and websites from real organizations to trick you.
  • What does AUP stand for?
  • What is netiquette?