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Cybersecurity Review 2

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Multiple choice review for Unit 2

Created Date 01.16.20
Last Updated 01.16.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Select the CIA component that should have the highest level: Customer personal and financial information
  • Which of the following items would NOT be considered an IoT (Internet of Things) device?
  • This protocol/service’s job is to convert domain names (like into their corresponding IP addresses:
  • This type of attack employs MULTIPLE hosts to target websites and web servers with the intention of bringing the services they provide to a halt:
  • Which of the following server vulnerabilities CANNOT be remediated using IIS Manager?
  • The default Windows Web Server structure stores website, FTP, and log data in this directory:
  • The term used for increasing a system’s security and reducing its vulnerabilities:
  • A hacker discovers that they can log on to a web server with FileZilla using the username “anonymous” and no password and upload malicious files to it. What service have they exploited in this example?
  • You get an anonymous tip from a hacker advising you that your website doesn’t properly handle a common vulnerable exploit. It is cause popup alerts on your website. What type of exploit is this?
  • This programming language manages digital data stored in a relational database using CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete):