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Scam and Digital Forgery

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Provide knowledge about what is scam and digital forgery and how it works.

Created Date 05.19.20
Last Updated 05.20.20
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Topics of this game:
  • A term that used to describe any fraudulent scheme that takes money or goods from an unsuspecting person
  • The process of manipulating documents or images for the intent of financial, social or political gain
  • A method of buying the stock at a low price, send out emails urging other to buy and then sell when the price goes up
  • Repeatedly clicking on an ad to increase the site's revenue or to use up a competitor's advertising budget
  • which of the following is the example of digital forgery?
  • What are the possible tips to avoid scam: I. Perform online banking only on secure websites and connections II. Trust only an offer that sounds too good to be true III. Never give your sensitive information such as online credential over phone or email IV. Share as much as possible of your personal information on social network sites
  • Which one is not the type of scamming?
  • How to spot a scammer?
  • Type of forgery include:
  • A type of forgery where a person forge his own signature to be deny it in the later stage
  • A technique where a forger would attempt to precisely mimic the part of the signature either by hand or with the use of a computer. This technique is referring to
  • Investigator may detect errors in numbers or seals presented in the document if the forged document is investigated. The investigation is to detect
  • How to help non-expert to detect forgeries in bills?
  • A few month ago, you have ordered a free sample of products from a pop-up advertisements on social media. You were asked to pay for the shipping fees. Later, you got the sample of the product you ordered however, there are unexplained charges in still occur in the following month. Seems like you already caught in subscription trap. What do you need to do?
  • If you receive and alarming call from someone who claim to be from government saying a recent audit of your account shows that you owe them and must pay immediately. What will you do next to verify this claim?