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Computer Hardware and Software

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Computer Hardware/Software and command line review for Final exam

Created Date 09.23.19
Last Updated 09.24.19
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Topics of this game:
  • When securing a mobile device, which of the following is the most secure?
  • How could a technician reinstall Windows 7, on a clients home computer, if they do not have the OS discs.
  • Which of the following file system types are used for primarily optical media?
  • Which of the following updates should be performed on a regular basis to ensure that the OS has the latest security patches?
  • A client would like to set up parental controls on their home pc so that his/her child time spent on a specific internet website is limited. Which of the following tabs, under Internet Options, will allow the user to create these settings.
  • A network administrator is unable to install programs on a workstation. Which of the following is likely the reason the administrator is unable to do this?
  • An administrator wants to give limited administrator rights to Windows Vista so that the user can install printers and create local accounts. Which of the following accounts should the administrator create for this user?
  • You are instructed to configure a new workstation to boot the OS from the network. What must you enable first?
  • A user receives an unsolicited call from a technician claiming to be from a Microsoft Certified partner. The user allows the technician access to their computer system. Which of the following attacks is the user a victim of.
  • What console can be used to enable, disable, start or stop a service?
  • What Windows utility is used to control the Windows and third party services installed on a system.
  • If you need to find the model number and speed of the installed processor and hard drive and the amount of memory installed, what utility should you open?
  • When you experience issues reaching a target destination network and you need to display each hop to the destination, what command should you use?
  • User accounts that are issued to a temporary user profile that is deleted when the user signs out are members of what group?
  • How much storage is offered by iCloud for no cost to the user?
  • The System Restore utility can be started from the command line using what executable command?
  • In order to remove any partition or volume information from a selected disk, what diskpart command should be used?
  • What command managers user accounts on the local system in Windows?
  • Siri is an example of what technology?
  • When attempting to access a remote computer, on which your user name and password does not exist, what user group will you be placed in?
  • What command can be used to change the permission of ownership of a file directory in Linux?
  • What application is an example of a mail server and mail client application?
  • What is one of the standards that have been established for wiring twisted pair cabling to an RJ-45 connector?