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Computing Basics: Computer Parts

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Computer Parts for ZiyoTek

Created Date 11.16.19
Last Updated 11.18.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the Computer's Main circuit board?
  • What is CPU?
  • What is RAM?
  • Where software, documents, and other files are stored?
  • What is responsible for what you see on the monitor?
  • What is responsible for what you hear in the speakers or headphones?
  • What is allow a computer to communicate over a network and access the Internet?
  • What makes wireless communication over short distances?
  • Which option shows only the Input devices that connect directly to a computer?
  • Which option shows only the Output devices that connect directly to a computer?
  • What is the smallest increment of data on a computer?
  • How will you write 8 in binary?
  • Mouse
  • The computer case is the only metal box that contains the main components of the compute
  • Peripheral device is an INPUT and OUTPUT
  • Find decimal number 7 on binary format
  • The solid state drive is an alternative method for your long-term storage of your files
  • "DFO" in Ziyotek?
  • The central processing unit (CPU), also called a processor, is located inside the comput
  • RAM is ...
  • The Network Card can only connect with an Ethernet cable not through a wireless connecti