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Digital Design Components

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Design terms for digital design

Created Date 02.10.19
Last Updated 02.11.19
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Topics of this game:
  • The artistic arrangement of type in a readable and visually appealing way. Usually concerns the design and use
  • The degree of transparency an element has. The lower this number/percent, the more transparent an element is.
  • The change of size of an object while keeping its shape and proportions intact. Large can create drama, and sm
  • Graphics comprised of mathematical equations, a series of drawn instructions comprised of paths. Each path ha
  • Graphics comprised of a grid of pixels. Pixel is the basic unit of programmable color on a computer display or
  • means one side of the printed piece has the four CMYK ink colors applied to it but the other side only receive
  • What kind of file is often used to transfer files to printers or other users.
  • Whats the best file format for web or on-screen applications especially if a transparent background is needed
  • This file format is most common for on-screen and web applications especially for photos.
  • Generic filler text