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Virtual Box

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You have to give answer all about Virtual box and getting start answers

Created Date 01.24.20
Last Updated 01.27.20
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Topics of this game:
  • ......... is powerful Cross - Platform Virtualization Software for X86 - based system.
  • What kind of system does run inside the Virtual Machine?
  • ..... is the operating system of the physical computer which Virtual Box was installed.
  • Which one is makes a copy of the machine's current state?
  • Virtual box developed by ......
  • What is the V M ?
  • Can we use clone menu item while a machine is running?
  • For switching user what commend should we use?
  • Where we can found definition of many commends?
  • How do we clean screen of Virtual Box?
  • How we can see listing of files and folders of current folder by default?
  • What kind of files are hidden files?
  • If you write exit end press enter what will happen?
  • What is the nickname of current user's home directory?
  • If I lost how can I know where am I?
  • For changing directory or to switch folder which command should we use?