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Conditionals Mixed

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Practicing all types of Conditionals.

Created Date 02.19.17
Last Updated 02.20.17
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Topics of this game:
  • If Rita ________ a boutique in the High Street, she ________ lots of money.
  • Sorry, I ________ help you if I________ more time.
  • I promise that if you ________ exercises, you ________ lose wight.
  • Mike missed three English lessons last week. He ________ them if he ________ ill.
  • It's a pity I'm the only child in the family. I wish ________ a brother or a sister.
  • What ________ if you ________ in cold water?
  • I ________ interfere if I ________ you. They'll do it by themselves.
  • Our team has entered the competition. If they ________, they ________ the World Cup.
  • The translation was really difficult. I________ it if you________ me.
  • If I ________ to bed earlier yesterday, I ________ a headache now.