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Words for Writers

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Terms for discussing student writing

Created Date 10.17.17
Last Updated 10.18.17
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Topics of this game:
  • You are good at thinking of new ideas. You are __________
  • You care very much about a topic or subject. You are __________
  • You are positive. You look at the bright side of every situation. You are __________
  • You like and are excited about your topic. You are __________
  • If you never give up, even when writing is difficult, you are __________
  • You can talk and write in two languages. You are __________
  • You give many details. You describe things exactly as they are. You are __________
  • Your writing is average and not special. It is __________
  • You use simple sentences and common words in your writing Children are able to read it. Your writing is __________
  • You say you are going to write about one topic, but you include information about something else. The new information really does not fit. It is not __________
  • You are the first person to write about an idea. You thought of the idea without help from anyone. Your idea is __________
  • Your writing is excellent. In fact, your writing is much better than almost anyone else's writing! Your writing is __________