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READ 3320: English Language Learner

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ELL Review questions

Created Date 11.27.17
Last Updated 11.27.17
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Topics of this game:
  • The main purpose of family literacy programs is
  • Which is the most effective recommendation to encourage reading at home?
  • Which is most accurate regarding the transfer of literacy knowledge from L1 to L2?
  • What guides pragmatic behavior?
  • Which of the following is most important for effective second-language acquisition?
  • Which of the following tasks is the most complex use of bics?
  • The Total Physical Response method is based on the premise that
  • Which is an example of a cognitively undemanding task?
  • A program in which students leave their regular classrooms to receive ESL instruction is
  • If a student hates being at a new school because he feels he doesn't fit in, he is most
  • Which is the meeting that determines the progress and placement of ELLs?
  • In a parent teacher conference, which should you do?
  • What does LEP stand for?
  • Expectations for English-language learners that are taught with the TEKS are known as
  • Instruction adapted to meet the needs of ELLs, must
  • What are the domain for PLDs?
  • Comprehensible input refers to
  • A good definition of metacognition while reading is
  • The best way to find out what your students are learning in class is to