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Elements of Art- Space

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Art History Review- Space

Created Date 03.16.18
Last Updated 03.16.18
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the area called that the viewer is closest to?
  • What is the area called that the viewer is furthest from?
  • What is the Japanese art called that demonstrates an equal balance of positive and negative area?
  • What is the time period called when linear perspective was discovered?
  • What is the technique called where the objects that are closer appear darker and objects in the distance appear lighter?
  • What is it called when one object is placed on top of another object to indicate it is closer to the viewer?
  • When using linear perspective,what is the location called where objects seem to disappear?
  • Objects that are further away from the viewer should appear:
  • When objects are placed higher on the picture plane, this indicates they are: