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Grammar: Action Verbs Simple Present

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Grammar review of action verbs

Created Date 04.02.18
Last Updated 04.02.18
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Topics of this game:
  • She ________ in Florida but prefers California.
  • When we ________ on vacation, we never fly.
  • I ________ four languages, but I love Italian above all.
  • That dog always ________ with his head against the wall.
  • We don't ________ which airport the plane goes from.
  • My girlfriend ________ her eyes when there's a horror movie on TV.
  • Kathy always ________ about the boss. She hates her job!
  • She ________ to disco music, only tango.
  • Jane ________ in the factory until 6pm.
  • We don't ________ food from the supermarket every day.
  • He loves music and ________ to concerts whenever he can.
  • Anna and Hannah ________ tennis on Sundays.
  • If you ________ fishing tomorrow, don't kill the fish!