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Mythology Midterm

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Mythology Review Game

Created Date 11.12.17
Last Updated 11.13.17
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Topics of this game:
  • Warns someone of a dangerous situation
  • Animal form of the Celtic goddesses known as the Morrigan
  • a short story that teaches a lesson and has an animal as the main character
  • universal characters that play a key role in the heroic monomyth
  • tells how the earth came to be
  • Before the hero accepts his quest, he goes through a period of _____.
  • The origin of this oral tradition is unknown.
  • fly over battlefields and choose the souls of the dead to carry to heaven
  • A tribe of fierce women warriors
  • a warrior goddess, who raced against the king's horses while pregnant
  • marks the beginning of the hero's journey
  • Fairytales usually will include this number
  • led the British uprising against the Romans
  • Can influence the behavior, thoughts, and personality
  • Represent the mourning cry of the Valkyries over the dead on the battlefield
  • Can explain the customs, beliefs, and traditions of an existing society
  • an example of an epic
  • Are narratives that tell the story of humans or mortals
  • Were not expected to care for their children all the time
  • simple, regional stories
  • a literary category including legends, folktales, fairy tales
  • a culturally important place, in an age that is beyond time
  • single-handedly turned back Vinland natives who were at war with the Norse
  • this trickster tale originated in the United States
  • myths are usually based on these types of events
  • Were permitted to divorce their husbands or serve as judges
  • an example of a 'friendly' shapeshifter
  • explains the relationships between gods and creatures
  • In this type of story, the main character is usually tested by an obstacle, and has magical help, so that good
  • having human characteristics; ex. - "Sly as a fox"
  • the mythologist who first used the term monomyth in regards to the universal hero storyline