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US History

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Study game for Period.02

Created Date 10.28.21
Last Updated 10.28.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Name one right only for United States Citizens.
  • If both the President and the Vice president can't serve, who becomes president?
  • How long do we elect presidents for?
  • In what month do we vote for President?
  • Who is the commander in chief of the military?
  • Who vetoes bills?
  • Who has the power to print money, declare war, create an army and make treaties?
  • True or False: Democratic and Republican are the 2 major political parties in the US?
  • What is the political party of the President now?
  • Describe one amendment to the Constitution about who can vote.
  • Name one responsibility only for US citizens?
  • What did the Virginia Plan propose?
  • What are Anti-federalists?
  • What are Federalists?
  • Who was a Federalist?
  • What did the Three-fifths compromise do?
  • Which Amendment guaranteed women the right to vote?
  • True or False: Reserved powers are powers not specifically granted to the federal gov.
  • True or False: Checks and Balances allowed branches to overpower each other.
  • What is lobbying?
  • True or False: Unicameral is one chamber.
  • What is Popular Sovereignty?
  • True or False: The Judicial branch executes laws.
  • True or False: Legislative Branch makes laws?