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Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece Sec 1-3

Created Date 01.24.18
Last Updated 01.24.18
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Topics of this game:
  • What do we call the officials who ruled a state in the Persian Empire under Darius
  • What is the name of the battle that occurred near Athens where the Greeks defeated the Persians by surprising them when they returned to their boats
  • What is the name of the battle where the Greeks held the Persians for two days at a narrow pass even though they were very outnumbered
  • What Battle was turning point in the war when a better trained, very large Greek army crushed the Persians
  • Who was the ruler who united the Persian Empire
  • Who was the Persian ruler who came to power in 521 BCE and reorganized the government into satrapies
  • Who was the Persian ruler who was the son of Darius and invaded Greece the 2nd time
  • What is the religion of Persia founded by Zoroaster that believed in one god
  • What do we call the 20 states into which Darius divided the Persian Empire
  • What do we call people who take power by force and rule with total authority
  • What is form of government where a few people hold power
  • What is the form of government in which all citizens share power
  • What word do we use for the Spartans’ slaves
  • Who was the noble who reformed Athens’ government and gave the assembly power. He would not give land to the poor.
  • Who was the tyrant in Athens who took power after Solon. He gave land to the poor and gave even more power to the assembly
  • Who was the Athenian ruler who started democracy in Athens
  • What do we call a group of all citizens that votes on laws in Ancient Greece
  • What do we call the smaller group of citizens that creates laws in Ancient Greece
  • What do we call a body of land with water on three sides
  • This is the island Southern Greece where the Minoan civilization began
  • This is the group of people that built the first Greek kingdoms (with Kings)
  • This is a settlement in a new territory that keeps close ties with its homeland
  • This is the name for Greek city-states that were like independent countries
  • This is the main gathering place of the polis that was located at the top of a hill
  • This is an open area in an acropolis that was a market and a place for people to meet