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World War 1 Overview

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World War 1 through the 1920's

Created Date 03.19.18
Last Updated 03.21.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Which event is considered the immediate cause of World War I?
  • Many historians believe that the harsh terms found in the Treaty of Versailles helped lead to
  • Which factor led to the rise of communist revolutions in Russia and China?
  • One goal of the League of Nations was to
  • The term militarism can best be defined as
  • What was a major cause of World War I?
  • After WWI, a “return to normalcy” meant
  • The Charleston, jazz music, flappers and flagpole sitting were all
  • A major factor helping to provide greater consumer goods to Americans in the 1920’s was
  • What did installment buying (loans) allow consumers to do
  • After WWI, the United States’ foreign policy was one of
  • The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s could be described as
  • The “boom” years of the 1920s are characterized by:
  • Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was an attempt to deal with
  • During the Panic of 1929, leading to Black Thursday, the heavy selling of stocks in a short period of time caused