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Colonies Review Game

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This is a review game for our test.

Created Date 09.13.18
Last Updated 09.14.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Agreement between Spain and Portugal aimed at settling conflicts over lands newly discovered or explored by Christopher Columbus and other late 15th century voyagers:
  • English Parliament passed this act which required Colonists to only trade with Britain.
  • Slave trade that included New England colonists trading rum for slaves from the African coast.
  • Significant Native American tribe that brought food and helped the colonists and taught them how to grow corn.
  • Upset colonists because it was the first time Parliament had tried to tax the colonists directly.
  • France lost land claims in North America and Britain gained Canada and most French lands east of the Mississippi.
  • Expresses the point of view of New England Colonists’ view on education.
  • Her beliefs angered Puritan church leaders. She believed that people could have a relationship with God without guidance from ministers..
  • Died as a result of exposure to new diseases brought by European Explorers.
  • The first permanent English settlement in North America was
  • Most of the southern colonies passed ___________, or laws to control slaves
  • A Protestant group who wanted to reform the Anglican church
  • A Pawtuxet Indian who had at one time lived in Europe and spoke English well.
  • The Society of Friends, or the _____________, made up one of the largest religious groups in New Jersey.
  • A religious movement that swept through the colonies in the 1730s and 1740s.
  • Nathaniel Bacon led a rebellion against the governor’s policies in 1767.
  • Helped found the Committees of Correspondence, which shared of ideas and information about the new British laws and ways to challenge them.
  • During the_________ War, Britain and France both wanted to control certain territory in North America. The war was about the British wanting to settle in the Ohio Valley and the French wanting it for the fur trade.
  • Required colonists to pay for an official stamp, or seal, whenever they bought paper items.
  • Helped create the Sons of Liberty to protest and use violence to frighten tax collectors.
  • The Separatist groups that left England in the 1600s to escape persecution were the __________
  • Early attempt at colonial self-government
  • Document that reduced the powers of the English monarch
  • Colonial rebellion that led to strict acts imposed by the British against the colonists
  • After this act, the British Crown found 2 soldiers guilty of killing people by accident.
  • Married Pocahontas. Introduced a new type of tobacco that sold well in England.
  • crops always needed such as wheat, oats and barley
  • Native American woman, Rolfe’s wife, who died after 3 years of marriage, while visiting England with her husband
  • a movement during the 1700's that focused on the use of reason and logic to improve society
  • People who came to America for free by agreeing to work without pay for a set amount of time
  • Bill that made it a crime to restrict religious rights of Christians