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Classical India Squid Hunter

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Mostly early Aryan invasion, early Hinduism, and the Mauryan Empire.

Created Date 10.30.18
Last Updated 11.01.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Aryan religous hyms
  • True or false: Aryan Womens' status was low while invading the Indus Valley.
  • Language that the Vedas was witten in
  • True or False: the Vedas were always written down
  • What were the leaders of each village called?
  • What does the word Aryan mean?
  • What leader began the Mauryan Empire?
  • This emperor sent Buddist missionaries to Asia
  • The Mayuran Empire was ended when they were defeated by invaders from what land?
  • After the fall of Kush, these people took over.
  • Which of the following are not parts of Hinduism?
  • Who did the Aryans battle after first arriving in the Indus Valley?
  • What ending of the Vedas was soon written after the Vedas was written down?
  • What great innovation in math and technology came about during the Mayuran Empire?
  • True or false: Aryan Womens' status was low while ruling the Indus Valley.