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Have U Herd - Zionism

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Zionism review game.

Created Date 12.14.18
Last Updated 12.17.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of these was not purposed by Herzl for the location of the state?
  • Herzel consulted with this country for land
  • A.D. Gordon preferred this economic system.
  • Rav Kook was appointed to this official position for which city?
  • Who is the founder of political Zionism?
  • Why did Achad Ha'am think Hebrew was important?
  • What organization did Ha'am take over after Herzl's death
  • Why did Rav Kook want Hebrew as the state language?
  • Herzl studied _______ but was a ________ for a living instead.
  • What was the name of the youth movement created by Jabotinsky?
  • Who founded the Jewish Legion in WW1?
  • Achad Ha'am quit ________ zionism for _________ zionism
  • How did Jabotinsky die?
  • Revisionist Zionism had a strong ______.
  • Revisionist Zionism wanted a revision of ______ Zionism.
  • Where was Rav Kook originally from
  • Rav Kook was originally part of which sect of Judaism?
  • Where is A.D. Gordon originally from?
  • This paramilitary organization was founded on the Revisionist Beliefs.
  • Rav Kook established a Yeshiva in which seaport city?
  • What stream of Zionism was Rav Kook.
  • This event was when Herzl realized that the way to escape anti-semitism was for Jews to form a country of their own rather than assimilation.
  • Where was Achad Ha'am born?
  • This event greatly influenced Jabotinsky's support of Zionism?
  • Religious Zionism was the predecessor to this modern day Israeli political party.