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Plebeians vs Patricians in Rome

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Crossword puzzle review of the differences between social classes in early Rome

Created Date 03.11.19
Last Updated 03.11.19
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Topics of this game:
  • the low class
  • the high class
  • first to rule Rome
  • plebeians made up this percent of the population
  • government where power resides in the citizens entitled to vote
  • group of 300 men who ran the country
  • two leaders who commanded Roman affairs
  • plebeians demanded more political power or they would leave
  • council of ten elected plebeians
  • served as the basis of law for the Roman Republic
  • dictator who viewed the Tribune as a threat
  • come to power in 48 BCE
  • Caesar was _______ in 44 BCE
  • plebeians were required to pay _____
  • patres means _______ in Latin