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American Expansion

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Chapter 10 Test Questions

Created Date 04.09.19
Last Updated 04.09.19
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Topics of this game:
  • How was life on the frontier?
  • What was the Indian Removal Act?
  • What was the Monroe Doctrine?
  • How did the U.S. obtain Louisiana?
  • Why were people not allowed to cross the Appalachian Mtns?
  • What did Tecumseh do?
  • How did people travel west of the Appalachians?
  • Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?
  • What did the Louisiana Purchase do?
  • Why did small farmers and settlers like Jackson?
  • How did Jackson respond to the Supreme Court ruling on Cherokee land?
  • What event took place in 1803?
  • What event took place from 1804-1806
  • What event took place in 1806?
  • What event took place in 1814?