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Early Republic of the US

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US History STAAR Review

Created Date 05.09.19
Last Updated 05.10.19
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Topics of this game:
  • President who built the cabinet, set 2 year terms, and gave a farewell address
  • John Adams became President because of this shady agreement
  • got the right to vote in 1828, voted for Jackson
  • President who bought Louisiana from France
  • President who violated the first amendment with the Alien and Sedition Acts
  • issue with French diplomats over debt during Adams' presidency
  • President during Era of Good Feelings
  • Political Party that disappeared during the era of good feelings
  • Political party that supported a strict interpretation of the constitution
  • precedent established in Marbury v Madison
  • James Madison's wife who saved national treasures during the burning of Washington
  • Native American tribe that Jackson forcibly removed
  • trail the natives took to Oklahoma
  • The _____ of Abominations
  • the _______ crisis was when SC almost seceded over tariffs