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Civil War and Reconstruction

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US History STAAR Prep

Created Date 05.09.19
Last Updated 05.10.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Looking out for your region only
  • Social issue that caused the Civil War
  • How does the South respond to growing sectionalism?
  • Which region is focused mainly on industry?
  • Which region is primarily focused on agriculture?
  • What was the line set up for the Missouri Compromise?
  • Economic reason for the outbreak of the Civil War
  • What was the Missouri Compromise intended to do?
  • How did the Compromise of 1850 make the NORTH happy?
  • Which region hates tariffs?
  • Which state was given the opportunity to choose on slavery?
  • How does Kansas choose on slavery?
  • What was the issue in Kansas called?
  • Who was in favor of popular sovereignty in territories?
  • What was the outcome of the Election of 1860?
  • What do abolitionists want?
  • Who was the leader of the underground railroad?
  • Who was the religious group that helped out on the Underground RR?
  • crime to help runaway slaves
  • Book that exposed evils of slavery
  • Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin?
  • Slaves were not citizens and nullified Missouri Compromise
  • How did the south view John Brown?
  • President of the North?
  • President of the South
  • Military General of the South
  • First battle of Civil War
  • bloodiest single day, inspired emancipation proclamation
  • turning point of civil war
  • cuts the south in half
  • Where was Lincoln assassinated?
  • Where does Lee surrender
  • "frees the slaves" but is really just political move
  • Anaconda Plan was the _______ strategy
  • better military leaders
  • railroads, communication, population, industry
  • Result of the Civil War?
  • First president to be impeached?
  • Who wanted to punish the south?
  • Gave 160 acres of free land to those who live on it for 5 yrs
  • Land grants for colleges
  • Colleges had to specialize in this to qualify for morrill act
  • Individual land ownership for Indians
  • Assassinated the president
  • First African American senator
  • President during Reconstruction
  • Became president with Compromise of 1877
  • What year does Reconstruction end?
  • Freed slaves
  • Gave citizenship to slaves
  • Gave voting rights to all males