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Investigating the Ancient World: The Pharaohs role

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This game is built for multiple players. The game is focused on the Pharaoh's role in ancient Egypt. Students are expected to participate in the game and attempt to answer each question to the best of their ability.

Created Date 09.10.19
Last Updated 09.11.19
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Your browser doesn't support HTML5. What were the three roles a pharaoh had to obtain?; Why was the Pharaoh important for Egypt?; Which Pharaoh was known as the Great?; What does the discovery of Tutankhamun tell historians?; Who led the excavation of Tutankhamun?; What was the capital city Ramesses II built?; What might be evidence that historians and archaeologist can gather from Egyptian tombs?; What are some of the problems with the sources of the Battle of Kadesh?; What were some of the ways the Pharaoh presented himself as a warrior?; How has mummification of the Pharaohs impacted the modern era?; Administrator, Priest, and Warrior (Ma'at); He was an ancestor of the gods and had the power to bring peace and prosperity; Ramesses II; The burial rituals, practices, and religious beliefs of the Egyptians; Howard Carter; Per-Rameses; What the individual wore, or used in daily life; All accounts from the Egyptians are highly biased and contradicts the Hittites; Hunting animals such as lions, participating in battles and wars; When people are buried today they are often dressed in their best clothing;
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