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AAG Eastern Asian Countries

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Eastern Asian countries history and current affairs

Created Date 12.05.19
Last Updated 12.05.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What type of settlements were developed along the Huang He River in eastern China?
  • Kings from the Shang family took over some of the cities along the _________________
  • A dynasty is a series of of rulers from the same ______________
  • The ______________ society was structured with nobles at the top and the peasant at the bottom
  • Meditation is the practice of using concentration and quiet to controls one's ______________
  • The native___________ of Japan is Shinto
  • Polytheism is
  • _________________ missionaries helped spread their religion in China and North Korea
  • _______________ traders helped spread their religion in East Asia
  • Communist leader banned the practice of __________ in China and North Korea
  • In 700s Chinese developed porcelain a type of strong ceramic ______________
  • Gunpowder was first used for ___________ in China
  • An area in ____________ called Pudong became the special economic zone
  • With a population of _________ million Shanghai city is located in the Chang Jiang River
  • Multinational company is large company that is based in one ____________but establishes offices, branches, or plants in several others
  • Anime is a style of animation or ______________ developed in Japan
  • In 1964 Japan started the use of bullet______________ that spread to most of East Asia
  • GDP(Gross Domestic Product) is the total value of goods & services produced in a country in a given ___________
  • ________ growing economy is based on agriculture, service and industry
  • In 1979 to control the growing __________ China introduced the one child policy in Urban areas
  • With__________ children being born the elderly will soon outnumber the young.
  • Gorge is a deep narrow passage surround by steep ___________
  • A _________________ maintained by military power is Martial law
  • Island of Taiwan lies about 100 miles off the coast of mainland__________
  • Free trade is a trade that does not impose taxes or tariffs on ________.
  • North Korea ______ does nit support long growing season
  • _________ has been a major industry in South Korea
  • Fertility rate is the average number of ___________ born per woman
  • _________ has a market economy
  • One reason for _________ popularity is its broad range of subjects