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Race against the clock to answer multiple-choice questions.

Created Date 04.03.20
Last Updated 04.03.20
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Topics of this game:
  • The beginning of human history.
  • They were hunter-gatherers.
  • People started to divide tasks in the community.
  • People cultivated crops and domesticated animals.
  • Large housing settlements were built, with forts for protection.
  • The transition period of the Stone Age.
  • Metals and their uses were discovered.
  • Jewellery was made using gold and silver.
  • Housing was temporary. People lived in caves.
  • The beginning of sedentary life.
  • People made pottery.
  • People learned to use fire.
  • People moved around to find plants and hunt animals.
  • Villages began to form near water
  • Farming tools were invented.
  • Stone, bone and wood were used to make simple tools.
  • Bronze was used to make stronger weapons and tools.
  • Stone tools not only cut, but also polished.
  • Iron was used to make the best quality of weapons and tools.
  • Copper was used to make stronger weapons and tools.