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Who Made it Happen?

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Read the information an choose the correct invention.

Created Date 04.12.20
Last Updated 04.14.20
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Topics of this game:
  • In 1830, Samuel Morse invented the first electronic _________ machines. The system invented was based on a code of long and short electronic pulses which represented letters.
  • Based on the telegraph, Alexander Graham Bell, a Scottish doctor, invented the ________ in 1876.
  • ________ is said to have been invented by more than one inventor. Among them, John Loggie Baird transmitted the first picture in 1878.
  • Based on the system that John Loggie Baird used for the first picture transmitted, Paul Nipkow improved that previous system with the first mechanical __________.
  • _______ was invented in 1895 by Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian engineer. The invention was called "The wireless telegraph".
  • In 1930, the first programmable ________ was created. It was called ZI and it was invented by Konrad Zuse.
  • The ______ was not invented by a person but by an association called DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in military bases in 1996.