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What do you know about the Reformation?

Created Date 04.16.20
Last Updated 04.16.20
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Topics of this game:
  • For Catholics in the 1500s, who/what decides if you go to heaven or not?
  • Who is the leader of the Reformation?
  • What did people have to get to guarantee that they go to heaven?
  • When did we last see people doing anything to guarantee that they go to heaven?
  • What invention allowed people to have their own copies of the Bible?
  • In Christian faith, what is everyone's goal after they die?
  • Why did people not question the use of Indulgences?
  • What Church was built on Indulgences
  • What Language was the Bible originally written in?
  • What was an essential part of everyday life for the people in the 1500s?