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The Bible: Revelation

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Intro to Revelation

Created Date 04.26.20
Last Updated 04.27.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Who wrote the book of Revelation?
  • Who did he write it to?
  • Why did he write it?
  • What does the word Revelation mean?
  • The first vision in Revelation chapter one includes...
  • The author of the book responds to Jesus in the vision by...
  • The two components of this type of literature are...
  • Someone like the son of man had eyes of....
  • This number is significant in the book of Revelation.
  • What does the rapture include?
  • How many years will Satan reign over the earth?
  • What is the millennium?
  • Why did God appear in visions?
  • The following narratives overlap in Revelation to show God's faithfulness and purpose to His mission.
  • The Roman Society was defined by their omnipotent power over the world. They are determined to...