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Trivia Game about World Knowledge

Created Date 04.27.20
Last Updated 04.28.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Father in Hebrew
  • Spanish word for Farmer
  • Spanish word for Illiterate
  • First Letter of the greek alphabet
  • Related to Construction/Noun/Career
  • Roman General /66 CE/Siege/Jerusalem/Left the Siege
  • General / Conqueror of Jerusalem 70 CE
  • Predicted the Destruction of Jerusalem in the First Century CE
  • Wrote 14 Books of the bible and Spoke in Hebrew, Latin and Greek
  • Mineral Payment to the workers in the first Century / Edible
  • The Seven empires mentioned in the Book of Revelation that have dominated the world stage
  • Kings of the South in the world stage according to the book of Daniel
  • Kings of the North Mentioned in the book of Daniel
  • The Small Horn in the book of Daniel
  • What Kings did the Anglo-American World Power defeat
  • To the One who has More: Blank
  • Let the one who thinks that he is Standing: Blank
  • The first will be: Blank and the Last will be : Blank
  • Those who see will : Blank and those that are ////Blank will Blank
  • Do not: blank any body any thing except: Blank