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History: William Miller - "Agent" Test

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Congratulations, Agent 1844! You have made it through the Subject Brief and completed the first part of your mission. The second part fo your mission will require you to show us what you know about William Miller.

Created Date 04.30.20
Last Updated 04.30.20
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Topics of this game:
  • William Miller's mother was...
  • How many brothers and sisters did William have?
  • How long did William go to school?
  • Who did William Miller marry?
  • How many SURVIVING children did William and Lucy have?
  • What is one job William Miller had before he was a preacher?
  • What religion did William Miller convert to?
  • What war did William Miller serve in?
  • Where did William Miller find the prophecies?
  • How did William Miller decide when the Second Advent would be?
  • When was the Great Disappointment?
  • Finish this quote: "Although I have been twice disappointed, I am not yet cast down or..."