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World War 1

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Created Date 05.20.20
Last Updated 05.20.20
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Topics of this game:
  • which countries formed the triple alliance?
  • When did World War 1 begin?
  • when did the world war one end?
  • who assasinated franz ferdinand?
  • which countries formed the triple entente?
  • people were proud of their countries and prepared to fight to defend them.this is called:
  • What started World War 1?
  • How did people feel about the war when it first started?
  • Why did Russia withdraw from the war?
  • What were the three new weapons of World War 1?
  • World War I is also known as...
  • What did Russia do in 1892 as a response to Germany forming the Triple Alliance?
  • What did Germany do as a response to Russia forming an alliance with France?
  • When Germany increased the size of their navy, what did that encourage Great Britain to do?
  • What is Armistice Day?
  • What is Wilson’s Plan?
  • What was the world’s deadliest global pandemics?