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Spanish Hangman ("El Ahorcado")

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(pronounced "our-cado")

Created Date 11.02.20
Last Updated 11.02.20
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Topics of this game:
  • El dia de la semana that is named after the word for "moon" in Spanish. (Equates to Monday in English)
  • ?Que dia es manana? Tomorrow is..... (day of the week)
  • When the weather is cold outside, we say "Hace _______."
  • If it's hot outside, in Spanish, you say, "Hace ________."
  • When someone says "Mucho gusto" (nice to meet you), you can answer with the Spanish word that means "same" or "equally."
  • This is the pronoun you call someone you would call "Ma'am" or "Sir" ....the formal form of "you."
  • This dia de la semana is named after the planet Venus. Hint: TGIF
  • This word in Spanish is used for time AND weather. For example, the phrase "?Que ______ hace?" ("What's the weather?")
  • Spanish word for "afternoon." (HINT: sounds like "tardy")
  • How do you say "Good Day" (hello) in Spanish? (two words)
  • When you like something, you say, "Me __________ ...." (which means, "it pleases me")
  • What is soccer called in Spanish?
  • The number 15 (Patrick Mahomes! Chiefs!) has a special word in Spanish. How do you spell it?!
  • This is the word for "20" in Spanish
  • How do you say "11" in Spanish???
  • The English word "dozen" is related to the Spanish word for 12. What is it?
  • The word for "we" (us) in Spanish!
  • This pronoun in Spanish means "y'all" but the formal form (like, "group of people I don't know well, or who are older.")
  • This is the day of the week in virtual school when we DON'T ZOOM!!!!!
  • The favorite day of the week for a lot of people
  • This is the word for WEEK in Spanish (as in, "Dias de la ___________.")
  • How do you say "November" in Spanish?????
  • What is the Spanish word for RAIN? (hint: it has two L's)
  • How do you say "Good Night" in Spanish?
  • When you tell someone your name, you say, "Me ________....."